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Candidate for South Metropolitan


Derek Rucki is Fluoride Free WA Party candidate for the South Metropolitan Region, a founding member of Fluoride Free WA and past Vice President. Derek has been researching water fluoridation for over ten years and is a passionate advocate for fluoride removal from public water in WA and Australia.

‘I used to drink lots of tap water as a passionate bike rider just to keep up my fluids. I loved commuting to work every day (around 50km per day). Over the years, I begun to suffer arthritis-like pains, which eventually prevented my bike riding. Despite the countless tests, the cause could not be diagnosed. After learning that one of the side-effects of excess fluoride ingestion can be arthritis-like symptoms, I requested a fluoride level test from my doctor and found that my levels were elevated above ‘normal’. After I took steps to remove fluoride from my diet, over time the pains have disappeared…”



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